Caught the new X-Men movie last night. Enjoyed it, even if it isn’t even vaguely close the the “comic timeline” as far as the events are concerned. Then again, with upwards of 500 issues of Uncanny X-men and god knows how many regular X-men (considering how many times they started over with the numbering), it’s really no surprise that they’ve assembled a jumbled timeline. Leaving my geek membership card at the door, I really liked the film. I thought it had some slow parts in the middle, but otherwise is a good continuance of the francise (movie wise) they’ve set up. I did have a few complaints, most of them involving spoilers. You can click “read more” for those.

I also realized that MY X-Men are long gone. I checked out this afternoon, and I can’t find any trace of the “classic” X-Men team in the comics. I was this close to picking up a few issues and checking out whats going on with my favorite muntant team of my childhood…. but I couldn’t find them. There’s Wolverine in his own book, New X-Men (which has a whole new team of new kids) and Uncanny X-Men that has a few old characters but is so out in leftfield I have no clue what they’re up to. Where the fuck is Cyclops, Jean-Gray, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, etc? Anyone? What the hell is going on? I stopped collecting comics a while a go, and now I’m all sorts of confused. Anyone (Nagle) recommend a good online comic store and maybe a few issues worth reading to catch back up???

Remember to click “more” and check out my issues with the movie. Contains spoilers.

And by “fixed”, I mean this is totally fucking hosed. WP just ate the post. That’s awesome. Fucking hell. Why have this BS ajax, java-script based web interface shit if it doesn’t work. I added the “more” originally the old fashion way. All I wanted to do was add the tags. Noooooo, it previews it just fine, then fucking deletes it. God Damnit!

That’s it. I’m pissed.