It could be that my purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. Or, it could be, that I have bad luck with tires. The tire fairy has again visited me and this time shredded the ever living crap out of my front tire. I knew the tires were getting towards the end of their life, but I didn’t think that the entire tire would explode on the highway. I only have 30,000 miles on those tires, they should have been good for quite a while more. Nope, I guess not. This morning on my way to work I heard a nasty thump, pulled off, and found bits and pieces of my tire as a trail behind me. Better than describing it to you, I can just show you…

I’ve found a set of replacements, I’m done with these, this is the 2nd tire that this has happened to. I thought the first was a fluke. Guess not. I’ve got an appointment to get 4 new tires put on tonight. I hate unexpected expenses like this. Arrg!

I guess I should be lucky, looking at the damage, that I didn’t lose control of the car. Here’s to small miracles.

PS: The grass IN the tire, is from the side of the road I pulled off onto, dunno how it got sucked in there, go figure.