I made a wonderful discovery the other day. Old school Coke, in glass bottles, and not those little tiny 8oz thing that they out out for special events. I mean the real shit. 12oz, in a bottle, made with… and stay with me here… sugar. Actually real, honest to god cane sugar. No nutrisweet, no sacrin, on maltdextrose, and no corn syrup. Real fucking sugar. I found these little gems at the neighborhood mexican quick-e-mart. A product of Mexico stamped right on the bottle. Down there they’ve never heard of corn syrup. They still make all the sodas the old fashion way. Oh god, it was heaven.

I had the chance to sample Mexican Pepsi on my honeymoon, but this put it to shame. We were so affraid of real sugar 30 years ago that we developed dozens of alternatives. That shit will give you cancer, all sugar is going to do is make you fat and happy. There ya have it folks. You want a REAL soda, head for the boarder, cause you’re certainly not getting it here.