I doubt I’ve properly described the amount of dancing Lauren and I have been doing since the new year. We love it. We’re as addicted to it as we were back in college. All my college buds know full well the frequency with which we danced back then. This rivals that. Which is good. Honestly, I could use the exercise. The people are nice, the instruction is great, and we have a great time.

So, since we are having so much fun, we decided to sign up for LindyFest, the Houston Swing Dance Societies big annual festival/workshop. Thousands of people from all over the county (and internationally) come to this. Its Thursday through Sunday.

There’s lessons, workshops, presentations, dances, parties, all sorts of great stuff.

Today, at 10am, we started with Intermediate Lindy Hop. Then it was on to general all level Lindy Hop with Frankie Manning (google him for the moment, I link that to something good later). After that it was Lindy Hop Fundamentals and a Lindy Hop history lesson. We’re taking a break for dinner, but then we’ll be at the dance party tonight until 12:30, follows by the after hours party that goes until 6am.

Tomorrow we get more intermediate stuff and more “technique” and Sunday is the more advanced stuff.

I’m having a friggin blast. This is the best thing we’ve done in a long time.

Matt out.