Ok gang, here’s the deal. I’m completely in love with my new camera. It’s fast, it’s sexy, it’s feature-packed, the quality is fantastic. One small problem. Coming from a “I use giant memory cards at work” standpoint, I take A LOT of photos. I figure, your average family get together will probably be 75-100 shots. Having fun with friends, probably even more. Now, that’s not a bad thing… but what is bad is that Flickr will only let you have 200 photos with a free account. I’m sure as hell not paying for one, so 200 it is. OR… is there another Flickr-like service that doesn’t have a restriction like that? Anyone know?

So, do I use Flickr and edit my photos down to, say, 10 per event, or do I find an alternative? What if I go on vacation and have hundreds?

Gallery is an option, but I’ve never gotten it configured quite right. Is it worth a shot? Chip, Chris, opinions on Gallery?