Well, first and formost, you’re now talking to Gunnery Sargent Doc. Quit your eyeballin’ recruit! Also, I’ve got all the crazy sigs working. I figure I’ll incorporate this into the site somewhere.

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BTW, the top one is randomly changing. Refresh and enjoy 🙂

Next, my mouse is dead. VERY DEAD. My wonderful, awesome, RARE, Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 has ceased to be. I don’t know if you know it or not, but Microsoft put out the IE3 mouse as a Pro version of their original Explorer mouse. No one really knows why it has a 3.0 version number. They discontinued it shortly after making it, instead focusing on the IE4 mouse, the one with that god-awful “tilt wheel”. Even when you install the Intellipoint software, it skips the v3 version and only lists “Explorer Mouse, Explorer Mouse 2.0 and Explorer Mouse 4.0”. So, not only can you not find the mouse, if you have the mouse, it’s completely unsupported. It’s also the best mouse I’ve EVER used. Ever. And I’ve used a few.

So, the replacement process has begun. It’s my birthday in a week or two so Lauren’s gotten a few emails with links to mice I think I might like to own… only as a hint of course. Top of my list is the Logitech G5.

It’s laser. It’s running at 2000dpi. It’s got a removeable, customizable “weight catridge” to make the mouse heavier or lighter. Best of all, and this is my main motivation, it’s got on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments. How cool is that?

The top of the line Razor mouse is also a maybe, but I’m heavily leaning towards to Logitech at this point. I’ve got 5 other Logitech devices on my desk and none of them have ever disappointed me.

Moving on, SavvyNation is taking shape, as well as a mini-design for Chris (fear not bud, it will be done). I’ll be sending out a mass email (or posting it here too) about the purpose of the site as well as asking for suggestions on designs, content etc. I’ll also be looking for a right hand man/editor who can devote nearly as much time to it as I can. If anyone is exceptionally un-busy at the moment, let me know.

That’s about it for the moment. Hope everyone had a good holiday. I’ll post more shortly.