At this very moment I’m waking up on Ashley’s couch after a long night of dancing. Lauren and I came up to College Station (Texas A&M) to visit Ashley and because they were having a swing dance sponsored by the Aggie Swing Cats (college dance club). It was actually very enjoyable. We got all dresses up and spent the night dancing and talking and having fun. We were also talking to members of a larger group, the Houston Swing Dance Society, which I think Lauren and I are going to want to join. They have lessons and dances every Sunday. Its a yearly membership fee but it includes the lessions and stuff. There’s also a workshop in the spring called Lindy Fest that’s a 3 day focus on just the Lindy Hop, something Lauren and I have always wanted to learn.

Anyway, we even dragged out Ashleys Canon 20D, so we have pictures to share. When I get home tonight I’ll try and open a Flickr account or something.

Just a quick note along similar lines, Lauren and I decided to not get each other a crazy ammount of presents this year, but rather to get a consumer digital camera for ourselves, so, it’s likely they’ll be regular photo uploads after the new year.


ps: sidekick blogging ownz