Holy crap. Its that time of year again. In 2 minutes I’ll be 25. That’s messed up. That’s a quarter century I’ve personally be privvy to. Wow.

Time flies when you’re having fun. I was almost about to regale you with memorable exploits from the past 25 years, but, seeing as how its midnight, I’ll save that for over drinks the next time I see any of you. You’re welcome.

Thursday, Lauren and her family are taking me out to dinner, as I think I’ve mentioned before. Outside of that there really isn’t much planned. Lauren and I will have a quite dinner at home tomorrow, open some presents, that sort of thing. I’ll probably spend a good half hour removing/adding tiny weights to my new mouse and holding it delicatly, trying to see if I can actually “feel” the difference in 0.08 ounces. Probably not, but I’ll certainly try.

I want to say two big huge thank you’s already though. First, to Jason for sending me some fantastic CDs and a DVD. He sent me two split albums featuring his band Wicker and Jerry Has No Skates and $7Sox. Both kick butt, althought I’m leaning towards the $7Sox album as my favorite. The Wicker track “Kiss My Texass” however, is pure genious. I’ve also got to mention how cool it was for him to thank the “Sensative 8” in the liner notes. Thanks bud!

Another big thanks goes out to Paul for a pre-birthday gift of a StrongBad tshirt. It was completely unexpected and a pleasent surprise. I plan on wearing it to work tomorrow. Very cool. Thanks Paul!

Well, as I finish writing this it finally dawns on me that I was born in Mass, in the eastern time zone, so, technically, it’s 12:55 there. Way to go Matt, late for your own party. Lol.

Alright guys, I hope everyone is having a great night. Drink one for me…