After a long week of work, a party last night and church tomorrow, I was looking forward to relaxing on Monday. I was all excited when I opened the mail box too. Sitting there were my copies of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Games and Computer Gaming World… but tucked between copies of video game goodness was a small manila card with my full name printed on it and a logo declairing it official from Brazoria County. I have jury duty.

“Isn’t that just swell” I thought to myself as I looked at it again. But it get’s better. Not only do I have jury duty, I have jury duty THIS MONDAY. Lucky me.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be home at a reasonable time. The last time Lauren went for jury duty she waited around all day and then had to come back the next day because she was selected. Sigh. Well, here’s hoping I don’t get a 3 month murder trial.