Lauren and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last night. Doesn’t seem like two years. Seems like 20, but in a good way. It seems like she’s been with me forever. I can’t remember when she wasn’t.

We actually took a bit of a drive down past our usually stomping ground and went to this place we had heard about from people Lauren knew. It was this little place called Claudios, a mix of bar, resturant and piano lounge. Actually, there was all of 15 people in the place. It was very friendly and it seemed like everyone knew each other, which was also kind of the problem. It was like stepping into Cheers and not knowing any of the characters. There were people sitting at the bar and at tables that probably ate there everyday. The food was good. I was in the mood for a steak and had a tasty New York strip, Lauren had the lasagna. Anyone minus, and it wasn’t their fault, but they sat us in the bar because we had mentioned wanting to hear the music. The bar was smokey to say the least. I smell like smoke even this morning.

It was good though. Not some place I’d go daily, but not bad.

Oh, and I forgot to mention what she got me. For our anniversary this year Lauren got me the entire 2004 RedSox World Series collection (all 7 alcs games and all 4 ws games) and a sweet cordoroy blazer like the one I lost. I had the original jacket in college and loved it dearly, it was the perfect jacket in everyway. Then, somehow, it disappeared when I moved to Texas. Now I have another, and this one is pretty sweet. I think I’ve been a jacket person all along and never knew it.

Oh well, at the moment I’m waiting at Discount Tire to get a replacement tire for my baby. Apparently, one of my $180 tires decided it was time to fall apart. The whole sidewall was splitting. Luckily, the tire place recognized it as defective and gave me the replacement for $90. Looks like they’re almost done, time to go to work. Later.