The mere fact that I can write a post while I’m using the restroom has to be some sort milestone for human ingenuity. Seriously. The web while you poop, right up there with the wheel, flight and the lightbulb.

Moving on.

Has anyone ever bothered to do any of those “free Something” websites? FreeIpod, freeXbox, etc. I’ve looked at half a dozen of them and briefly considered giving it a try. All the “I didn’t think it was real but here it is” testimonials are starting to sway me. Free iPods or free GameBoys I could live without. A free laptop or a free Mac Mini however, that might peak my interest.

The only problem becomes getting 10 other people to get “free” trial offers of pointless crap so you can get your thing. And no, I’m not going to ask any of you to sign your life over for 6 months of Entertainment Weekly magazine. What I might do, as any good hacker/pirate from my generation would, is socially engineer 9 other people. That means “make them up” for you younger folks just joining the program.

We’ll see if I have the motivation.

Besides that, I’m also toying with the idea of starting a group editorial news/blog page. You of course would be invited to join. I could envision myself writing about games and tech, Jason about music maybe, Nagle about art/design and cool web stuff, Chip and Chris about tech and programming and other cool stuff. I’m fairly serious about it though. I’d want to go at it hardcore, really try and make something out of it. I dunno. You guys even interested in something like that. I’d covering the setup and hosting costs, but would you guys want to contribute if given the chance?