In case you didn’t know Quake 4 came out this week… and I couldn’t care less. Apparently its single player is at least interesting but it multiplayer, the reason most of us would buy it, is a pathetic rehashing of Quake 3. Reviews mention that they’ve “recreated” the classic maps. Translation: they couldn’t think up anything new. I’ve done my homework on this one. I’ve checked out every official and unofficial video of the multiplayer gameplay. I’m completely and totally unimpressed.

I have no intentions of playing this one. I had grand ellusions about wasting the night away reliving some old school Quake goodness. Apparently all I have to do is find my Q3 cds.

On the flip side, Civ4 ships next week. That’s pure love in a box folks. Crack, personified. I have my preorder, do you?