Well, it was a hell of a week. Having left on Wednesday, it seems like we’ve been gone forever. Our place is fine, no damage, just a few downed trees here and there. I can’t even tell if it rained. Our last place had some leakage issues with the window panes but our new place seems to have weathered the storm nicely.

Pearland was a bit crazy. The nearest supermarket didn’t have anything. I went in to get some spagetti for dinner and came out with that and some Ramen… and it took 30 minutes to get it. One gas station was out of everything, the other only has unleaded and there was a considerable line.

Things should be back to normal in a day or two, once gas and food is more widely distributed.

The trip home was a bit shorter than our trip out to San Antonio. It was scary to see all the abandoned cars along the road, especially the ones pointed in the wrong direction from when they opened up the other lanes of the highway. Gas was definatly in short supply on the way home, but luckily the traffic was at least moving and we didn’t get stuck.

The stay at the ranch went well. I think everyone was one everyone else’s last nerve by the end of the week, but murder was avoided. We had her parents and brother, her two grandparents, and three dogs. The dogs did well, with the exception of eating strait through a phone book, they seemed to be ok so long as they were fed well.

Life is returning back to normal. I’m back at work today and we’re cleaning up the yard and hooking computers back up.

I’m very tired and my back hurts from sleeping on a paper-thin matrise all weekend.

I do want to say thank you to Jason for the offer to stay with him in Memphis and to Chris and Nagle for thinking about us. I appreciated it very much and it was a great feeling to know that my friends would be there for me if I was in trouble. Thanks guys. You rock.