We went to the movies tonight and caught Red Eye. 86 minutes is NOT an acceptable length for a movie by any stretch. Not that I would have wanted the torture to continue. The movie started borring, ran 86 minutes of borring back and forth dribble banter and ended borring. Pathetic in every sense. About 60 minutes of the 86 involved the worst dialog I’ve heard all delivered in a single setting. A plane.

Let me summerize the movie for you. A girl who can’t act meets a guy who has a pan face on a plane. They talk. The relationship ends badly. With death. The end.

It took so effing long for the “story” to start that when its over I thought it was going to do some of that Hollywood twist ending bullshit where the movie “ends” and then takes off in a whole new direction. But it doesn’t. It ends. It just friggin ends. Which, based on the dialog is probably for the best. Had I been forced to sit through 120 minutes instead of 86 I’m sure you’d be hearing about how it was way too long.

Way to go Hollywood, just keep flushing yourselves down the drain. See if I go to the movies again any time soon. Geez.

Red Eye – D- (and it didn’t get an F simply because something blew up in the end)