So, today was my travel day. Having done most of my preparations the day beforeb I was able to leave out about 9:30 and get to Laredo around 3:30. 5 hours driving plus a break or two for gas and bathrooms. The rental car we got was a Kia Optima and was allegedly the “top notch Kia” if such a thing exists. It did well, I’m not knocking it, but “featureless” doesn’t really beging to describe it.

As I drove I couldn’t help coming up with a mental list of everything I wanted to write about before but didn’t get the chance to. 6 hours in a car alone will do that to you. Having driven the east coast in a similar fashion its amazing how quickly you go through your entire music collection and what you do to amuse yourself along the way.

Pardon me while I sip on my tea, compliments of the lavish complimentary Mr. Coffee machine in each room. Actually, it an upgrade, last year they didn’t have one. They must have gotten my hate mail about the $5 instant coffee available in the lobby.

Moving on… Has anyone noticed that MacDonalds has changed their food in about a decade. Seriously, I got chicken nuggets outside of San Antonio and it was like stepping back into 1985. What I can remotely understand is the mass apeal of Mickey D’s. They’re the largest and most popular hamburger in the world? Huh? Obviously people across the globe don’t know better. Shit, peole in foreign countries would pee themselves if they got ahold of a Whataburger. I treasure that place like its the lost city of the Incas.

I’ve lost my train of thought. My appologies. I’m quite tired from the drive. Since the brilliant plan to provide me with internet while I’m here had a bit of a flaw in it, namely the complete lack of wireless capabilities with the machine I brought, tomorrow I’ll recant you the tale of how I rectified the situation… As soon as I figure out how to do that.

Oh, and if you notice spelling or grahmar mistakes in the posts this week, please forgive me, the Sidekick likes to punctuate the shit out of things for no reason at all.