GameStop BOUGHT Electronics Boutique/EBGames. That’s crazy shit. According the their last stock report, EB stock was around $30 and GS was about $18. That means GS had to come up with a hell of a lot of cash to buy them out. Of course, the “official” word isn’t that its a buy out or a take over, no, they’re calling it a merger. Yeah, like Cingular and AT&T “merged” but every AT&T store is now a Cingular store. Great merger boys. Anyway, all EB’s will now become GameStops. The line from GS corporate is that they want to compete “globally” with other game outlets…. like…. umm…. for example…. nope, couldn’t think of one. Awesome job guys, merge so you can crush your non-existant competition.

AND, as if that isn’t weird enough news for you, Adobe just bought Macromedia. Yikes!

Soon, all the flash, shockwave, dreamweaver, cold fusion stuff will be rolled into Adobes CS suite. Photoshop and Dreamweaver in one box. Go figure. Now, if only they could get a little fucking price control going on, cause damn, the new version of Photoshop (CS2) will be $300 FOR THE UPGRADE. Umm, guys, that’s a wee bit high. Especially since your competition is ALSO non-existant. And don’t feed me some BS line about production costs OR about piracy, cause thats horse shit. Hell, the operating system it runs on is a quarter of the price and even that is too much.

So, there you go, Adobe adds Flash to it’s monopoly on everything graphics related and GameStop ruins a perfectly good video game stop. Alright!