You may or may not realize this, depending on how you have my site bookmarked, but I’m mid-process of switching to Word Press. Point your browser back to and see what I mean. There’s still a few issues to work out. Namely this whole “page vs. post” thing, the fact that I can’t figure out how to make my journal be anything other than index.php (like journal.php for example) and also the fact that each post is simply or whatever the post # happens to be. That’s a little weird to me. I can’t see to find any formatting options for achives, singles pages and that sort of general setup info. Maybe Chris can point me in the right direction. Oh, and for the moment I’m using a great theme called Minima until I can convert my working design of a webpage into a nice looking css style. It has a few bugs. Anyway, this will be it for a while. I’m kind of liking WP, it just has some “find the feature” issues that I’m going to be chipping away at for the next few days.

Matt out