I’m going to give Chris the benefit of the doubt here and not only allow comments but allow anyone to make them. I’ll see how Spam Karma does. As of this weekend, journal.php will no longer be a valid link, so update your bookmarks. I’m going to be poking at this template a bit and seeing what I can come up with. I was unsatisfied with the hack I found to embed login fuctions within the comment pages (hense the lack of it) as well as a few things here and there. The title of this page in 10pt bold Courier is also ticking my off. That’ll be changed shortly.

Chris has also mentioned that having pull down menus for my archives is some sort of technological achievement, so I think they’ll stick around for a while. I kind of like them.

Also, this theme is apparently made of only three graphics. I was amazed when I started to fiddle with it. Good ol’ CSS, surprising me again. Let me run this idea past you guys: same layout, but a white content section with a darker background to the sides and a blue-ish neon glow coming from underneith (where the gray gradiant is now). I dunno, it was an idea. I doubt it will happen.

Ok, so, test her out, comment away. Tomorrow I’m going to move this to /blog/ and create a splash page, main page and a few other stray content pages. After that I’ll tidy up some of the CSS to my liking.

Oh, and if Chris could point me in the direction of a journal posting program (like Zempt or z.bloggar for MT) it would be greatly appreciated. 😛

Matt out.