I’ve decided to play around with a few WordPress plugins lately. One of these is a Gravatar plugin. A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar (G.R.Avatar). It’s main purpose is to put in a use icon/avatar as easily as humanly possible. All I have to do is add 1 line of code to my comments page. All YOU have to do is upload a gravatar to their site. It’s simple. You upload an image, it can be anything, but it’ll be 80×80 pixels in the end, so keep it small. The site generates a keyhash based on your email address. Since you use your email address in the comment field of this (and other) web pages and journals, any site operator can use gravatars. When you put in your email address, it automatically looks up your avatar and adds it to the comment page. I don’t have to do any work, YOU don’t have to do anywork (outside of uploading an initial image that is). It’s really a piece of cake. So, if you guys want to, this is completely optional, you can upload a picture and every time you make a comment here it’ll get used. Cool huh?

Check out the site here: gravatar.com