Sorry about the lack of updates there guys. Been sorta busy around here. There was Thanksgiving, then the pageant, then Christmas shopping, etc. You the idea. When I’m not super busy there’s obviously a game or two that’s been soaking up my free time. Our Battlefield clan is on a roll. We’re number 2 on the SquadGame ladder and we just took number 2 on the Team Warefare ladder. We’re going to challenge for number 1 on both ladders this week.

I’ve also decided to join the TCC Tank Division and give a little 2 on 2 tank action a try. Oh, btw, we’re only #3 on that ladder.

And as if Battlefield wasn’t enough, killing people with toilets in HL2DM is probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Seriously, you guys have got to try this.

My biggest (and only) complaint about HL2DM is that there’s only two official maps. How can you “release” a game with only two maps? Not to mention that after releasing the SDK this week, the first thing everyone did was convert all the old maps. That goes for CS as well. No, I’m sorry, playing cs_rats all over again is NOT acceptable. What part of “new engine” don’t you map makers get? You can set things on fire, have things float in water, make movable objects, have realistic glass and metal. Playing dm_iceworld or cs_assault with all the old textures simply isn’t going to fly any more fellas. I beg the map community to make just a handful of good maps again.

I would, but I fired up “Hammer”, the level editor, and it looked like a scary combination of 3DStudio Max and Auto-CAD. I’ll see if my wife can make sense of any of it, I know I sure as hell can’t.

Other than that there’s not a lot going on. Lauren and I are going to be doing the holiday decoration thing tonight and I’m going to try and finish up my Christmas shopping on Monday. I’m also considering a new CPU and mobo with the left-over from my bonus this year. If I can get all my shopping done for under $250, I’ll be golden. I haven’t done anything nice for myself in a while.

Changing gears, I’d also like to send a big fat “screw you” to the city of Houston, it’s crappy roads and it’s even crappier drivers. In the space of 2 days, I now have THREE new holes, cracks and/or chips in my windshield. It’s ridiculous. I can’t drive anywhere without some sort of debris hitting my car. I’m either behind a dump truck without a cover on it, a beat up old pickup truck that have lawn and landscaping debris in the back of it, or someone coming back from shopping somewhere with so much stuff in their pickup bed that they of course forgot to tie down.

Lastly, I’m working on a few icons for Chris. I’ve gotten the sketches done, now I’ve just got to find time to scan them into Adobe Illustrator and color them. They’re gonna look slick.

I’m out.