The number one rule that people seem to forget these days is to take responsibility for your actions. For example, the COMPLETE FUCK HOLE THAT HIT MY CAR LAST NIGHT!


Going to breakfast this morning we discovered this little mishap. It seems some asshat hit my hatch-back, probably with considerable force, and dented the hell out of it. I’d say a good 2ft square section of tailgate is mashed in, just to the right of the left tail light. Of course there’s no note or anything on my car. Nothing. Just a smashed in rear. What else is kinda odd is that there a) isn’t ANY paint missing, no “scrapping” of any kinda and b) that my bumper is 100% fine, not even a scratch. That says to me that it was both a tall car with a high bumper as well as a plastic or rubber bumper. There’s a large F150 parked next to me at the moment, but it’s an older, later 80’s model with massive steal bumpers. If that kind of thing hit me there would be missing paint everywhere. Another weird thing is the angle, it’s almost at a 60* to my car.

If someone “missed” a parking space it would have taken out my tail light, not hit me in the middle of the hatch-back.

Anyway, I called my insurance company and they’ll be sending me to an auto-body place to get it looked at tomorrow. The damage isn’t even that big of deal, I just wish someone would have left a note. I would have. That’s such a shitty thing to do.