…too bad our bag didn’t make it back with us. Yup, Southwest lost our luggage. Actually, the asshat that checked us in at the airport in Manchester probably lost it. See, we checked in at the curb in Manchester. Apparently you’re supposed to tip these guys and the guy was visibly pissed when I didn’t. I have no doubt he ripped the tag off our bag and promptly lost it in the nearest dumpster. And you know what, I don’t feel bad about not tipping him. I tip generously EVERYWHERE. I leave 18%+ at restaurants, sometimes more if the service is especially good. This guy did nothing except hand me the boarding pass and he basically sticks his hand out in front of me. Sorry pal, maybe if you had helped me get it out of the car or something.

I digress, I don’t want this to be what I remember from my trip. The vacation itself was excellent. We got to spend time with my family, see their new house, hang out with my friends, visit Boston and everything. Chris and Chip seem to be doing well. Chris is working happily away at his new job and Chip, despite back trouble, is looking better than I’ve ever seen him. It was good to spend time with both of them. I only wish I could have been there longer.

As for my family, their doing well too. My dad has dived into his teaching job full at full throttle and my mom is generally happier with her commute now than in the past. My grandmother is doing well despite the loss of my grandfather and the rest of the family seems to be doing well also.

While I was there I managed to get my brother setup to play BF and DC with me (and if Chip wants to install it again, just name the date and time and I’ll be there to play). I also got a #9 Red Sox hat that I had been looking for as well as a new pair of sneakers.

It was a great trip. It was good to see NH again. To smell that fresh air, to see the leave changing, and to be surrounded by the peace of quiet of the lakes region. Very relaxing.

Ok, well, I’ve got to go home and make a list of items that were in the suitcase. Apparently, the FAA says that the airline is responsible for at most $2500. I doubt my things are worth that, but I don’t intend to get low-balled either. I think $1000 is probably about right, for all my clothes, Laurens clothes, plus our trouble. Sounds good to me.

Matt out.