Before I get to my trip I wanted to run an idea by you guys… what would you think about me adding a stripped down version of phpBB instead of using MTs comment system. I think the customization options would be very usable, I could have admin control and maintain a user-base without upgrading to MT3.0 and you guys could have more control over your posts (in terms of avatars, text options, that sort of thing). It’s a super simple installation and I could probably be up and running over a weekend. I would still use MT for posting but have a link to a forum thread below the post for comments. So… whatcha think?

Now, on to the meat and potatoes. Lauren and I will be coming in at about 10pm on Thursday the 30th. Obviously I’ll be a bit tired and will probably just go right to bed. The next 4 days are up for grabs. I’d obviously like to visit both Chip and Chris, my grandparents, Newbury Comics, the New Balance outlet, the North End and Polly Pancake Parlor. Anyone up for any of those excursions is obviously welcome. Since my folks have moved a bit north it’ll probably be easier to mill-around in Manchester or Concord. I also probably won’t have a car. I haven’t decided about renting one yet but more than likely I won’t. Also, any requests for Texas-ish things should be mentioned in the near future and I’ll do my best to bring’em to you guys. I don’t think a WhataBurger will make it though. Sorry. Also, if you guys can think up anything else that might be cool to do, please, by all means, let me know. We’ll be flying out Tuesday afternoon. I wish it wasn’t such a short visit but it’s the best I could manage. I can’t wait to be back home and visit you guys. It’ll be good to see hills and mountains 😉

Ok. At work, gotta run.