In the opposite vein to my misfortunate car molestation yesterday, I did have a little silver lining to the day… I was voted in to the Texas Combat Crew. The TCC as I’ve mentioned a few times, is a highly nationally ranked BF1942 / Desert Combat / BF:Vietnam clan. When I say “highly ranked” I’m not saying merely in Texas, oh no. TCC is currently ranked 2nd in the country in CTF and 4th in Conquest. They held the number 1 spot for about 4 months before being defeated in a double overtime battle a few weeks ago. They’re ranked on Squad-Games, the largest and one of the most well known of the national ladder networks. About the only thing they haven’t yet done is take on the world and sign up for a CPL (CyberAthlete Professional League) league match at a tournament to try and win some cash. These guys are so good it’s scary and it’s a huge honor to become a member of the team. In a very “geek pride” kind of way I’m very happy at the moment.

-=TCC=- Doc

Doesn’t look so bad does it? 🙂