I should preface this by saying that I’m half a sleep. If none of this makes sense you can blame it on someone else. Regardless of who’s to blame, I’m tired, and it’s only the beginning of my woes. Some could say that being busy is better than not. I say to those people, “you should try my kind of busy and then re-evaluate your stance on the subject”. We’ve been shooting the Texan Cheerleader squad for the past two days and it’s only just begun. Friday and Saturday we shot for this years poster project. 40 girls, 2 days and LOTS of background changes, costume changes, lighting changes. I’m friggin’ pooped. At one point I was standing, bent out to one side, holding a 20lbs “Sun-Buster” white translucent umbrella over my head for about a half hour. No, I don’t get hazard pay. Yes, I probably should. Thanks for asking.

In addition to the poster, there’s also a “publicity book” to do. This monster project, involves 7 continuous (6am-9pm) days of shooting. All on location. All at different locations, all over town. This also means that I don’t get a weekend. I have to work tomorrow, Monday, my day off. This displeases me. The overtime pay however, soothes the sting a little. A whole day at time and a half… hells yeah.

Wait. It gets better. All this Texans shooting wraps up on Saturday… the day before we leave for 9 days for Laredo TX for the Miss Texas USA beauty pageant. Oh yeah baby… thats right, 18 continuous days of work.

Where’s the Jack Daniels when you need it?

You know, I remember vividly the time that Jason, Nagle, Chris, Andy and myself waited outside the Trustee’s Theater in Savannah for 24 strait hours to get tickets for what we thought was the world premiere of The Legend of Baggar Vance. If you haven’t heard the story it bears repeating at some later point. The punchline at the end would have been that we had been awake for nearly 40 strait hours and we were a bit punchy toward the end there. That and Kimberly going to get a sandwich at 3am. And Chris trying to kill Andy… yeah, that shit was funny.

40 hours, compared to this, is a friggin cake walk. I’m sure I’ll actually get some sleep at some point in there, but I don’t really foresee being incredibly conversational toward the end of it all. After all, a week of skipping meals and running on Red Bull and protein bars can probably fuck with your head. Or so I’m going to assume. Ask me sometime around Saturday. That is, if I don’t punch you in the face for looking at me the wrong way. I have a tendency to be a bit cranky when I don’t get my nap, if you know what I mean.

Then it’s off to the beauty pageant… where the annoying people are. Lots of them. With the make-up and the hair-spray and the fakeness.

It’ll be like a vacation to the 7th ring of hell.

I’m going to go now, play a little BF1942 since I won’t get to for 3 weeks, and then go to bed. I’m not quite sure when my next update will be. We’ll get back from the pageant on the 28th, so don’t be surprised if it’s not until then. I would prefer that it were sooner, but I really don’t have much control over it.

Later guys. And wish me luck.