Oh yeah baby. I love it when I have something new to complain about. Let’s add Joker.Com to my shit list shall we…

As a few of you know, this domain is up for renewal on the 26th. I decided to try something a little different and go with Joker as my new registrar. I signed up, put in all the correct info and everything was fine. That is, until I got this email:

“This is the last notification of your transfer request to
Joker.com for the following domain(s)
transfer of:docholoday.com: canceled by registry

Your request has been submitted to the appropriate registry,
but it has declined the transfer due to the reason you see above.

Although the request could not been processed you have been charged
for this (according to our terms & conditions)”

So. Let me get this strait. They couldn’t transfer the domain, so the went ahead and charged my card anyway? I don’t think so. I sent them an email asking WHY the transfer didn’t happen. “Canceled by registry” isn’t exactly clear. No response. So I sent them another email. And another. And another. 4th email time and I finally say you know what, screw them, and I ask them for a refund and to cancel my order. Still, there’s no reply.

Now, this whole time I had taken “Domain Protect” off at NetSol so that the transfer could in fact go through. I immediately went back and turned it on. I didn’t want them screwing anything up. Now they couldn’t transfer the domain even if they wanted to. Even if I didn’t get my $12 back from Joker I wouldn’t have to put up with actually using their stupid service.

My next logical step was to go ahead and renew with NetSol. The domain is still expiring after all. So I go through that whole thing. I then get an email from NetSol saying THEY can’t process the renewal. I call them on the phone. The customer service rep said they had no idea why it didn’t work. I give her my information again and she resubmits the renewal. Again, I get an email. Surprise. I didn’t work. I now have $12 gone to Joker and $70 ($35 x 2) to NetSol. NS is of course refunding that, as they should.

I can only guess that somehow my domain is in limbo and somewhere in between registrars. Neither have a firm grasp on it (although it’s still listed at NS) and neither can renew it.

I hate the internet.