Got an email from Network Solutions Customer Service Dept. They at least have half a brain. I still haven’t heard ANYTHING from Joker regarding any of this. Anyway, according to NetSol, there IS a transfer in progress. According to a simple Whois, my domain is listed as being in “REGISTRAR-LOCK”. It’s locked, according to NS, until my domain transfer is complete, failed or timed-out. Since I also locked the domain from leaving, it’s either going to fail or time-out, whichever happens first. I’ll paste the rest of the email I got, it’ll make more sense than me:

“Actually, there is just a pending transfer in process at the Registry and currently your domain name is locked until this transfer is completed, failed or timed out. … You may renew you domain name once the status Registrar-Lock has been updated to Active. For your information, you may contact the Registrar that you initiated this transfer from and have this transfer canceled. Normally, a transfer expires in 96 hours after you received the authorization e-mail from the gaining Registrar. You may opt to do nothing and wait for the status to change to “Active” and renew your domain name.”

So, it should time out soon. Basically. Worst case scenario it actually gets transfered and I simply transfer it away again, this time doing it through someone a bit more reputable… like Jason.

Actually, I think I might do that anyway. I’ll have to renew it either way. If it times-out, which it should, I’ll still need to renew it before the 26th. I’ll drop Jason an email (or if he reads this first) and ask about how to contact his company and get it done through them. As helpful as NetSol has been, and I do appreciate good customer service, there’s just something about paying $35 for something that should really only be a few bucks that doesn’t sit right with me.

We’ll see what happens in the next 96 hours or so.