We had a bit of a movie weekend over here at the Perry ranch. We ended up seeing both Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Hell Boy. A little artsy and a little campy to balance each other out. Both were quite good. Sunshine was fucking brilliant and Hell Boy was entertaining in that “scifi popcorn flick” sort of way. But, Sunshine was brilliant. That’s how to make a movie folks. Hollywood take take that and run with it and save a whole lot of people from ever seeing another Jerry movie again. For the record: I hate that fool. The only thing he’s ever done right was putting up some bank for a little show called CSI. And even then, thankfully he doesn’t have any creative control. But I’ve spun off onto a tangent. Back to my story.

Saturday, post work, the girls met me over at my office and we headed into town to this upscale “art house” theater. Mostly because it was the last place in town still showing Eternal Sunshine. Downtown Houston doesn’t really compare to most other cities you’d think of. Mostly because it’s “downtown” is about 10 square blocks. The “city” proper however, goes on and on for miles. Basically, it would be like if Boston was stretched out all the way to the NH boarder. Or maybe it NYC engulfed all of New Jersey. Something like that. So, it becomes a case of “where do we go now?” instead of “now what do we do?”. There’s not an “area” to hangout in like Harvard Square or Newbury Street or the Theatre District. Oh well. Enough about the berg.

The movie was great. Fantastic. Best movie I’ve seen this year so far.

I really don’t know how else to put it. I really enjoyed it.

Sunday I skipped church in favor of some much needed sleep and some house hold chores. I had no clean sox left at all. None. Sad and pathetic isn’t it. Anyway, mid-afternoon we decided to check out HellBoy just for kicks. We went to the local cinema 6. It’s a tiny little theater that still has those wonderful things called matinees. Those are hard to come by. Especially when we got in for $3.25 each. Beat that.

Most of the movie was good. Mostly entertaining with a few slow spots. There’s a few “logic” bombs I could drop into the story but nothing as horrible as the last Harry Potter movie. And we all know how I felt about that one. Hell Boy was about average for a scifi/action/adventure/shoot’em movie. And paying on $3 for it made it all the more enjoyable.

After that it was back to our place to put together a shopping list. I was sent off into the wilds of Pearland to do some shopping. Target seems to be the place were yuppie white folks shop I’m afraid. I felt almost out of place. Like I wasn’t white or yuppie enough to be there. Young couples with their 2.5 children, shopping for high priced groceries with sweaters tied around their necks in case there should be a sudden ice storm in TEXAS. And me in my “lounge clothes” that consist of a pair of ripped jeans, and old Boston Red Sox t-shirt and my sandals. Hopefully I offended someone’s fashion sense enough to be the topic on conversation at Olive Garden that night over crappy martinis and painfully uninspired pasta.

Damn, I love being a sarcastic opinionated SOB. It gives me the most wonderful sense of accomplishment and joy down deep in the tacos of my heart.


Today there was a quick stop at the nearest Jiffy Lube for some new oil for the Mazda. Most of the day was actually spent thinking about web-ish things. I’ve now been commissioned by Dena Brody Interiors to redo their website. I also have to redo Ladd Photography’s website AND I’m still working on my design for this page. There was actually a break through in that and I’m happy to say that I’m getting nearer to finishing my own site. I spent a good long while today pouring over CSS help sites and tutorials. I now have all my DIVs in a row, so to speak. I actually also thought about a variation I could do on my theme with (and don’t gasp) Flash. I know, I know, I’m supposed to hate Flash. I do hate it. But my idea is cool enough to give it a try. I’ll have to think about it.

This evening I think we’re watching Mister Smith Goes to Washington, because Jimmy Stewart is fantastic, followed by some image retouching on my part and eventually some CSI:Miami. The single TV I watch.

Lastly, I’ve gone a little “Pinstripe” crazy. Originally designed as themes for Mac only versions of FireFox and Thunderbird, crazy windows theme enthusiasts were quick to port them. Now my collection is complete and it looks damn nice. Which is why you should click here to see them. Sorry I can’t share any of the details about the themes. I had to beg people for them and I promised I wouldn’t share until they’re released.

And that’s all for tonight. Later.