There’s a few links I was going to pass on.

Check this out techno fans…. a Danny Howells action figure! I kid you not. That company, Sweatfrog, has some really interesting figures for those of you who are into odd little desktop thingies.

I also found the weirdest t-shirts humanly possible. Some are actually kinda cool. I doubt any of them are cheaper the $40 those. Yeah, those “trendy” t-shirts no one really understands.

Does anyone want to take a vacation to Russia? Apparently you can shoot uber-high-powered sniper rifles (like the VSS), jump out of planes and helicopters and drive tanks. Ye-haw!

Lastly, the highly anticipated windows port of Konfabulator looks to be very very behind schedule. Apparently a programmer was fired after not really working and being confronted and asked to show code that he had obviously not written… hmmm. Anyway, looks like they’re working on it again but it’ll be a while. Why can’t you Mac people get on the ball and just write everything cross platform. (that was sarcasm)

That is all. You are dismissed.

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