Well, while I’m waiting for the BF:1942 server we play DC on to stop playing Kursk, which blows, I figured I’d put in my two cents on Moveable Type 3.0. Apparently it’s the topic of some debate, mostly related to it’s move to a centralized comment authorization system, called TypeKey. It’s of course an option and you don’t have to use it but the basic idea is that people sign up, for free of course, and register themselves with a central service. From there you now have the ability to comment on anyones journal/news site/etc that is using the service. While I’m all for a more spam free comment system I’m not sure a centralized system is the way to do it. I don’t want to have to tell people to go sign up for something just so they can talk to me. It seems a little rediculous. Plus I’m really not a fan of centralized anything. Not that I’m some consipiracy nut or anything, I just don’t like people having information about me that don’t need to. I’m not even afraid of the possibility that someone might hack their system. What would happen? They’d get a big list of sites and people that use the system and big email lists to spam. Whoppie.

If you remember, I was all excited about it when it was simply labeled “comment registration”. I thought that would be cool. Then, I could just add all you guys to a list and if someone new wanted to leave a comment I would have to give them the ok. Which would cut my comment spam to nill. Not that MT-Blacklist isn’t doing a FANTASTIC job, because it is, but it would be a precautionary messure instead of a clean-up job. So, now that I know what it is, I don’t really plan on using it. I can’t see the benefit. I’m sure larger journals and news sites will benefit greatly. They’ll have a registration system they don’t need to maintain or even think twice about. Good for them. Seeing as how it’s just a few of us around here, I’d be more inclined to just delete the questionable comments when they arise.

Oh well. It was a good idea. Also, I’ve been reading just about even CSS manual, tutorial and helpfile I can get my hands on. I should start working on a completely CSS driven page shortly. Of course theres three days of long photo shoots between here and the weekend… but I’ll tell you about that later.

Matt out.