Well, I’m at home, at 1pm on a Thursday. I don’t really “feel” sick but I can feel it coming. Apparently I also “look like crap” as my boss put it. So I’m home. My usual remedy for illness consists of lots of orange juice and a healthy supply of my favorite drug in the world, NyQuil. Nothing is quite like NyQuil. To steal a line, it’s the only shit on the planet that actually tastes like red and green. I was basically sent home because this weekend will be incredibly busy and I’m needed then. Today was more or less a catch-up day anyways. Tomorrow we have a shoot for Penzoil. We’re photographing the president of the company and then a few of the local stores. Saturday is nothing but pageant headshots, from 9am until 5.

That’s about it guys. I’m off to take a nap.

Matt out.