Stumbled across this with the help of a mention on TechTV. MusicPlasma is a visual search engine for music. You put in the name of your favorite band and it gives you a “map” chart of bands that sound similar to, were inspired by, are in the same genre or are in some way connected to the band you just entered. The closer the circles are to your band (at the center) the better the chances are that you might like them.

As a test I put in Less Than Jake. The results I got were (in no order):

Catch 22
Reel Big Fish
Mustard Plug
Buck O Nine
Mad Caddies
Gold Finger
Get Up Kids
Taking Back Sunday
Dropkick Murphys
Operation Ivy
New Found Glory
Good Charlotte
Further Seems Forever
and a few more…

That’s not a bad list. I’ve heard of about 90% of those and do indeed enjoy listening to them. You guys should try this. It’s actually really neat. There’s a few bands on that list that I’ve never heard of but that I’m going to try and find some music from. Who knows, maybe I’ve just found a new band to listen to. We’ll see.