So many things to do, so little time to sleep in. Actually, that’s not true, I slept in quite a bit this morning. Then in order to be lazier than nessisary, I’m not going to do much of anything. I should get my oil changed, do my taxes, call loan people and discuss a few things, pay bills, clean the apartment, do laundry and gernally help society by being a useful person. I might throw a load in the washer. Maybe.

Other minor things of note might include the release of Battlefield Vietnam which I received as a weird present from my boss. Not that it’s weird that I got a present, but that it’s weird that I was given something to slack off at work with. Unreal Tournament 2004 is also out. I gave the demo a whirl and it seemed to be what UT2k3 should have been. It’s quite a bit more refined and polished. The downside to all this is that I can’t play either of them at home, or at least not well. BF:V is really choppy but playable and UT4 is only playable at something like 800×600 with all sorts of things turned off. At work on the XPS gaming rig, they fly. It’s making me jelous. I also just finished my Stanley Cup winning season of NHL 2k4. Just in time to tempt me to buy the new Splinter Cell that comes out tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’m paying bills first, long before I even consider it. If I do have money to get it, I wonder if the Xbox or PC version would be more worth while? I’m a big fan of the PC version obviously, but if it’s unplayable, what’s the point? The Xbox would look good and be playable but I would curse the controls on a regular basis. It would also mean I would have to try out Xbox live to play online, something I could do with the PC version for free. I dunno. I’m torn on that one.

Also, randomly, we’re having a bit of a movie night this friday. We’ve reserved the theater here in the apartment complex which has a big screen and surround sound. I might also lug the Xbox over there for post and pre-movie enjoyment. I’m not sure what to bring for games though. I have Fusion Frenzy, it’s my only “party” game. Any other good choices out there for multiplayer fun?

That’s about it. Time for a little lunch.