I don’t really know where to begin. I suppose I should start with last week.

Last week we went to the Rodeo. The actual rodeo events were pretty cool but the concert afterwards sucked. They had the rodeo in Houston’s new Reliant Stadium, where the SuperBowl was. That stadium sucks. I don’t know what the NFL was thinking. The seats suck, the sound system sucks, the entry/exit system sucks. There was however Sausage-on-a-stick. Thats GENIUS! Why settle for a corn dog when you can have a whole 14” sausage on a stick instead? So, at least that was good. That and our tickets were free.

We also went to see The Passion last week. It was alright. It was very much a movie FOR Christians though. Since there were none of the typical movie things, like story development, character development, etc, you pretty much had to know the story already. I’m sure it must have been confusing for people wanting to learn more about Jesus though. It was also ultra-violent. Not a movie for kids. The actually event of the crusifiction was a horrific and bloody thing and if you want to be true to the scripture it needed to be done that way, so I can see it’s nessesity. Still, it was unsettling. Which was probably the point.

I also gave my little brother a call yesterday. He’s doing well. He picked up his first college win last week. Very cool.

Also, the new OffBrand site has gone live. Please go check it out. As you can see (all the way to the right) I’m a very proud member of the syndicate. Also, take a second to download some tasty O.B.I. wallpaper. Mine is up there too, so make sure you check that out (bottom row, center). I’m very happy with it, even though the 1600×1200 link doesn’t appear to be working at the time of this post. (*pokes at Nagle*). I’ve also got to remember to order one of Bates shirts for myself. That one just kicks butt, plus I’m in it, which makes it even cooler.

Let’s see, what else. My job is going well. Very stressful at the moment. It’s “pageant season” which means we have about a billion people trying to book us for beauty head-shot photos. We’re keeping up for the most part but it’s getting a little crazy. Most of them are entering the Miss Houston pageant, which is April 8-10th, so they need their pictures pretty fast. Stupid girls, waiting until the last minute. Geez.

That’s about it for now. These past few days have been fairly routine. Matt out.