That title has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

I just thought it was clever.

Or you could associate it was my recent Desert Combat playing. Paul and I have been playing a bit lately and we’ve gotten quite good. His specialty in flying the helicopters (namely the Apache and Blackhawk) and my specialty in blowing the crap out of stuff. Don’t mess with me and my .50cal, period. There’s also DC Extended, which adds a bit of extra fun to an already perfect game.

There’s really not all that much to mention. Last week we met Scott and Michelle for dinner and then Scott came over and we played ESPN NHL for a little bit while the girls went shopping for a friends wedding present. We also had Brandon and Jennifer over yesterday for lunch and got to hang out for a little while. They’re both nice couples and should at least give us some folks to hang out with from time to time. Lauren also made a killer meatloaf with cheese sause it was awesome. So much so that I had it for today at lunch as leftovers.

I got my haircut today too. Whoopie.

Seriously, I’ll let you know when something super cool happens. Otherwise these posts just seem rather borring.

There is an OBI thing to mention, but I’m not sure it’s ready for public consumption. I’ll let you know when it is.