Maybe the music just sucks

At least that’s what a recent study profiled by Wired had to say (story). While it doesn’t exclude file-sharring from blame for the decline of record sales it does point out that the impact of file sharring has “had only a limited effect on sales”. Hardly the 33% decline that the RIAA would have you believe.

See, I told you the music just sucks.

Update: Yahoo is also running the story. This time not in minor quoted form like Wired. Linky.

What the hell

Yesterday went from mostly crappy to “WTF” in about 15 minutes. Sad part is that it was my own fault. Yeah. I was mucking about in the registry trying to clean up after the virus (see last post) and since the virus uses a name that’s extremely similar to fairly important actual windows processes, I more than likely deleted a few of them. I found this out the hard way after nothing would open, run, etc. So, I tried a windows rescue disk. No luck. Then I tried a bootable windows xp cd and a “repair” install. That didn’t work either. Finally I ended up formating the drive and completely reinstalling. Thankfully I had learned from past disasters to put my windows install on a tiny partition all by itself. So, I lost my tiny 5G windows drive. Whoppie. It’s back up and running now, sans virus and well, everything else. I still have all my programs installed on my D: and E: drives, but try telling something like Office to run without registry entries. So, stuff like that will probably need a reinstall. Oh well. It could have been worse I suppose.

I’m still kind of curious as to how it got in. I keep on top of things like virus definitions, scanning incoming files and having my firewall nice and tight. I’ll have to do a bit more checking. Luckily it probably didn’t do much in terms of “backdoor” usage. I doubt it could have changed setting on my router to let itself back out. So, that’s probably good news.

Freaky though.

So now it’s back to work.

Happy Happy Virus Day!

What a wonderful day. Really glad I installed Norton AV this morning. I’ve had both the OptixPro and Lithium viruses for a little over a month and didn’t know it. Nifty!!!


That shit has been delt with. Luckily they were backdoor viri and not the serious “I’m going to mess up your harddrive” type. Thankfully there’s no evidence they were ever used. I’m behind both a router AND a software firewall (BlackIce). I doubt much of anything got in and/or out. Still, it’s scary. I think I might add Zone Alarm to the mix, but that might be overkill.

The scary part is that Norton seems to think they came in the latest install of WinAmp. At least, that’s why it’s quarrentined it. Weird huh?

Brilliant Idea

I just had a great idea for a program. I think it would probably take all of 15 minutes to write too. Then again, I don’t program, so I don’t know. Anyway, I thought it would be a fantastic idea if there was a program that emailed you whenever an update to your DC or DC++ que occured. DC++ keeps a log file of completed downloads, just a simple text file. All the program would have to do is keep an eye on that file for changes. If the file gets updated (ie: a download finishes) the program could send a quick email to a user specified address. That’s it. Nice and simple. Anyone think they want to take a stab at it?