Yesterday went from mostly crappy to “WTF” in about 15 minutes. Sad part is that it was my own fault. Yeah. I was mucking about in the registry trying to clean up after the virus (see last post) and since the virus uses a name that’s extremely similar to fairly important actual windows processes, I more than likely deleted a few of them. I found this out the hard way after nothing would open, run, etc. So, I tried a windows rescue disk. No luck. Then I tried a bootable windows xp cd and a “repair” install. That didn’t work either. Finally I ended up formating the drive and completely reinstalling. Thankfully I had learned from past disasters to put my windows install on a tiny partition all by itself. So, I lost my tiny 5G windows drive. Whoppie. It’s back up and running now, sans virus and well, everything else. I still have all my programs installed on my D: and E: drives, but try telling something like Office to run without registry entries. So, stuff like that will probably need a reinstall. Oh well. It could have been worse I suppose.

I’m still kind of curious as to how it got in. I keep on top of things like virus definitions, scanning incoming files and having my firewall nice and tight. I’ll have to do a bit more checking. Luckily it probably didn’t do much in terms of “backdoor” usage. I doubt it could have changed setting on my router to let itself back out. So, that’s probably good news.

Freaky though.

So now it’s back to work.