I came across my last journal yesterday. I’ve kept one since highschool but I had neglected my latest one for about 6 months. It was actually a thrill to go back and read some of my short fiction and poetry that I had written. Things I had written at 4am and never remembered writing. I might have to find some of my old ones and take a trip down memory lane.

Also, the new Blink 182 album is horrible. I haven’t listened to it strait through a 2nd time to confirm this to myself but I was really disappointed. I’m not a groupy or anything but it was their style of music that I enjoyed. Well, it’s dead now. Replaced by some emo-metal crap. What is sounds like most is that it was over produced. It doesn’t sound like fun punk-ish music anymore. Sad.

Also, Radio, the movie, is very long and very very borring. Don’t waste your rental dollar. Nuff said.