Well, I have a few new things to mention. First and formost, since it’s now official, I’m probably ok to talk about it. Tomorrow night, here in Houston, the NFL is throwing it’s official SuperBowl bash. This is a invite-only, formal dress sort of shindig. Guess who’s going? Yup. Me. Paul and I will be photographing the whole event. Celebrities and sports stars and all sorts of interesting people are supposed to be there. ESPN will be there providing coverage and doing interviews and we’ll be taking pictures. How friggin’ cool is that? Man, I love my job. Being a well known photographer and, more relative to me, working for such a photographer certainly has it’s upsides.

Also, in the same vain of excitement, guess what photography studio might be taking pictures of Rodger Clemens in the very near future? Yeah. Doesn’t get much cooler than that. And yes, I will be wearing my RedSox hat that day in the studio. I’ll even wear my “Dan Duquette sucks” pin and make him feel right at home. Huzah!

Ok, besides all that excitement, there is something else I’d like to share. It’s a little game called Gun Bound. It’s a 100% free, 100% fun little internet game. In the same vein as the legendary SubSpace, you sign up, join a server and play against people from all over. It’s a simple game. You’re in little mini tanks (sorta) and you fire at the other players guessing the power and angle of your shot. That’s about it. The more games you win, the higher your score, the cooler the stuff you can get to play with (powerups and such). Pretty easy. Check it out if you have time.

That’s about it kids. I’ll tell you all about the party after I get back. Matt out.