I couldn’t help but think back to the advice
that I got from my dad a few times
he said
“…time goes by so fast, in a blink of an eye, so never close your eyes…”
“…I always wanted something more than 50 hours every week
and a paid vacation on the jersey shoreline”
And he said
So when ambition turns into competition
I’ll never be the better man
I can’t help but think back to the time
he said “life goes right by”
And told me never think twice
“you can’t second guess how to live your life”
All these years have been way too short
to be spent on some factory floor like me
I never went back again
I never looked back again

Well, my old man never worked in a factory, but he did always tell me to reach for my dreams and to make sure above all that I was happy. I think I’ve reached that place. I dunno, over the past few weeks I’ve become very very content with my life. Sure, I have some problems, namely financal, but who doesn’t. It is and always has been my belief that if you work really hard at something you can make it happen. I know I’m going to work myself “out of the red” and into financial independence from the evil world of credit and higher-finance. I have school loans, they’re big, but I’m going to beat them. Plain and simple. That’s really my only complaint lately. Everything else is my life is just like I’ve always hoped it would be. I have a wonderful wife who loves me, I have a great job, I have a nice car, I have all the little pleasures in life I could need. I just thank God every day that things turned out the way they did. I’m eternally greatful, no pun intended.

As the song says, I’ve never second guessed how to live my life. I’ve had doubts, but I always made my decision and stuck to it. If you dwell on the past to much it only gets you into trouble. If I suck the marrow out of life and enjoy it for the ride it is then I’m happy. Look at me, I went 1200 miles to go to school. Why? Because I hadn’t done that before and I wanted to. I met someone wonderful there and desided to spend my life with her. I had fun, met life long friends and got a degree in something I love doing. Now I’ve moved another 1200 miles to Texas and now I’m having adventures here. I really can’t ask for any more than that.

I guess I’m just saying I’m happy. I know that’s a change from my usual bitching and moaning but for once it’s true. I’m happy. Many more people deserve to say that as well.

*end daily affermation*

Is that even how you spell “affermation”?

Anyway, the SuperBowl party was pretty cool. I didn’t get to talk to folks from the Pats or Panthers but there were NFL celebs galore. Eric Dickerson was there, Howie was there, the guys from the EA-Sports/NFL Blitz show on ESPN were there, Marcus Allen was there. All sorts of folks. They were also giving away nifty things throughout the night and I was able to score an Eric Dickerson signed card and a handful of expensive cigars from the “private” humador they were passing around. Seriously, they had these things on a plate and they were passing them around with the h’orderves. It was a pretty good night. I actually had a lot of work though. I was carring a light stand and strobe pack around for a few hours and bouncing light around on the ceiling so Paul could shoot. I did get to try out my new suit too. I got a $500 Jones New York 3-piece suit for $199 the other day and, damn, did I ever look good. If it wasn’t for the light stand in my hand you would have though I was actually special enough to be invited to something like that. Heheh. I got in late though, which has made work today very sluggish. Actually, I’m thinking about packing it up and heading home early.

Later guys.