I took a listen to the radio this morning and, since I hate FM pop-rock-shit radio, I had it on the local AM news station. This morning, amongst traffic reports and weather updates I heard about Nelson and Garcia (two New York Yankees players) being charged with assault from the brawl in the 3rd game of the ALCS. I did a little dance. I don’t really know why. Also, I have to express my concern and confusion over the recent trade rumors and such. First, the sox picked up Curt Shilling, which is nothing short of a miracle. Now the RedSox have three of the best arms in baseball. The Yanks on the other hand, have lost Clemens and Penent, their two aces. All they’ve picked up to stop the bleeding is an aging Gary Sheffield. Then there’s this Arod deal. Thats Alex Rodriguez for those of you who don’t know. He is what many consider to be THE best player in baseball. The RedSox want him. He WANTS to come to Boston. But theres a 7 year multi-million dollar contract in the way. They have until tonight to figure something out, literally. While Arod is, well, fantastic and all, the downside to him coming to Boston would be that they would be trading Manny for him and wouldn’t have any place or money to keep Nomar around. So, they finally fix the holes in their less than stellar pitching staff and want to throw away the best hitting team in baseball. Seriously, did anyone see their slugging percentage for the post-season this year? It was sky-high. They had the best bats in the entire post season, hands down. No one can argue with that. They had a solid 1-2-3 line up, and a 5-6-7 line up that got hotter than hell. Now that they would have a team to finally do battle with the Yankees, they want to throw away their best player and Manny (who isn’t half bad) and destroy their batting line up? Huh? What the hell are they thinking? I know what they’re thinking. They’re thinking that Arod is so much better than Manny that its an obvious trade. What I don’t think they get is that both Arod and Nomar play shortstop. Where are you going to put them? The only thing I can think of is that you put one of them at 2nd and move Damian Jackson some place else, like the minors.

But that’s just my two cents.

Besides the RedSox, everything is pretty much status-quo around here. Our Christmas tree did however die. We’ve replaced it with a fake one. Apparently when you get trees from Texas, they don’t have a real long life span. We even did all the little things you’re supposed to do to keep it healthy. We put some of that flower life extender crap in the water, we kept it on a corner away from hot air vents, we watered it every day. And here it is, a week before Christmas and only a week and a half after we got it and it’s dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. That’s just not right. We’re going to go and ask for our money back.

I also got my shopping done for the holidays, Lauren’s presents (and everyone elses for that matter) are on their way from various internet places. Chris, I’m sorry bud, but one of your things was on back order so you’ll be getting it a little late. Same thing goes for Chip. Sorry guys. You’re just too damn hard to shop for.

Oh, and for myself, I’m up to 100,000 kudos in Project Gotham 2. I was all proud of myself. I’m up to the “Roadster Series” and moving along nicely. I’ll see if I can’t get Xbox Live setup over Christmas and give that a try too. That and Dish, which I’ve found out, offers NESN (New England Sport Network). The glory of NESN and EVERY Bruins game shall be mine.

Matt out.