If Nagle hadn’t reminded me and if Lauren hadn’t told me that she wrapped my gift already, I would have completely forgotten it’s my birthday on Sunday. You guys know I’m not big on birthdays. Actually, given my birthdays in the past I don’t see what I’m not anti-birthday yet. For those of you who don’t know, my birthdays typically have sucked. There were a few exceptions. Last year I was in Colorado with Lauren for my birthday. I skied and it was good. For the past fews years, Chip came over and we watched DVDs all night. I think we’ve done the Kevin Smith marathon twice now. Those were fun birthdays. For a few years there however, my birthdays were something along the lines of: wake up, eat a pizza, go back to bed. Seriously. My parents usually didn’t do anything and most of the time I was alone for most of the day. This year I think Lauren and I are going out for dinner. There’s a nice Italian place here in town that’s almost like being back in the North End of Boston. They do it up right. I will eat and drink and be merry and then perhaps go home and watch Clerks.

Salsa shark.

Wow. 23. That’s going to take a while to sink in huh?