Well, at this point, since I can actually see my webpage, I’m going to go ahead and assume that all went well with the great migration. For those of you who weren’t aware, over the weekend Chip moved Hindenburg (the server) from New Hampshire to Indiana. It’s now resting comfortably somewhere near Jason’s watchful eye. It’s also been put on a much faster connection, so huzah for that.

This weekend Lauren threw a little surprise party for me, just family and cake, that sort of thing. It was fun. I got an absolutely kick ass Ted Williams poster proclaiming the baseball legends love for the soft drink known as Moxie. Moxie of course is a rare New England delacacy at this point, long gone from national circulation and effectively killed by the evil Coke and Pepsi empires. Most people would describe it as simple “that black shit in a bottle” or “motor oil and cough syrup with a hint of nutmeg”. I call it tasty. Then again, I’m pretty weird. I also got two really nice (and wearable) sweaters. 9 times out of 10 when you get clothes for present you say thank you and then immediatly stuff them as far back in the closet as possible. I can actually wear these. I also got a Mighty Mouse lithograph, a copy of PCU on DVD, a killer bathrobe from Geoffrey Bean, an Eluminex keyboard from my boss and a $50 EB gift card. Jason also sent me a belated wedding present in the form of the sweetest headphones ever. As Chris, who also has a pair, can attest too, the Sony V700DJs kick ass. A lot of it. That was way too nice of Jason. I’ll have to thank him appropriately.

After present and cake Lauren’s dad and I headed off to see Lord of the Rings while the girls finished their Christmas shopping. The movie was good. On par with the second I think but not signifigantly better and certainly not worse. It was very enjoyable.

Sunday Lauren and I relaxed all day, cleaned up the apartment a little and went out for dinner that night. We ate at the Spagetti Warehouse downtown. I haven’t eaten like that since, well, Boston. So, all in all it was a pretty fun birthday.

Today I’m back at work and trying to finish as many things as possible so that I don’t have to come in tomorrow. My parents fly in Christmas day and they’ll be here all week. Should be an interesting week.

Matt out.