I’ve committed myself to writing this morning. I’m not sure what it will accomplish other than giving myself some sort of validation to sit down in front of this thing and play Call of Duty when I’m done. Which, in itself, is truely motivation. Things have been going good here in the life of Matt. The only mentionable downside to life at the moment is the breakneck pace at which it seems to be racing along. I get up in the morning, rush to work, work far longer than most people, rush home, have some food and try and spend quality time with my wife before colapsing in a tired heap. The next day, I do it all over again. I would say that 99% of you have the exact same life. That “work” isn’t really all that fun and that you spend you wholes lives going somewhere or working on something. My job is like that only its a tad bit unpredictable. From any given point, the day’s weakly conceived schedule can do a complete 180 and we start work on something completely new. There are also long hours. This past weekend for example, I didn’t get paid overtime. I should have, but I’m not really going to bring it up since my 3 month review is in 7 days. I worked until 11:00 two nights in a row. Now, alledgedly I’m going to get some sort of commission off the wedding I did on Friday, but I think that I was hired on a signifigantly lower price tag than my employer. Usually Paul’s wedding packages start at $2000 and go up from there. 15% of that isn’t bad as a bonus simply for doing it. I think I was hired for a few hundred. The actually number I’ve not been told. Now, realize that I’m not complaining (as I usually would do). I fully expected this and know full well that I need to get a few bargain weddings under my belt before I can personally justify $2000 for my time.

So, that’s pretty much how work is going. Which I’m sure is pretty similar to how everyones work is going. At home, this are just fantastic. Lauren and I are having the time of our lives and couldn’t be happier. There really isn’t any way better to describe it. I won’t take up valueable reading time with stories of how she made me cookies or played Xbox with me, because those would be redundant. Life is good.

On to other things. Are you guys still interested in hearing about the honeymood or has it been too long? I finally got around to writting that huge essay but I don’t know if you guys give a crap anymore.

The last few things are of course geek related. First up is the afor mentioned Call of Duty. Holy crap. Remember how completely stunned I was at the brilliance of Medal of Honor. Think better than that. If there’s one thing that should definatly be on your Christmas list, whether its for the PC or a console, or whatever. This is it. Next up is Simpsons Hit & Run. Now, I’m the first to admit that every other Simpsons (or other TV licensed) game sucked so bad it was an insult to the industry. This, however, is actually pretty fun. Its a mix between Crazy Taxi, GTA and the most acurate cartoon translation ever. All the voices are right, all the town landmarks are there, everything. You can drive to the QuickEMart, the powerplant, the school, the Tomaco fields outside town, everything. Its obviously not as gritty and deep (if you could call it that) as GTA but it’s fun. Missions include things like “beat Smithers to work” and “collect illegal fireworks for Bart”, that kind of thing. The controls of the PC version are a little clunky but, since there’s no guns that need shooting, the console version of it might be a little smoother. That was my biggest complaint with GTA on the PS2. There was simply no way to do those sniper missions. Take away that element and it was fine. That’s pretty much what we have here. A fun, easy to play romp through the town of Springfield.

Those are what I’ve been playing lately. I finished Max Payne 2, which was ok, and now I’m just waiting for Project Gotham Racing 2 to show up in the mail. If I finish CoD or Hit&Run in the next day or so I still haven’t finished SSX3 and I also have the new NWN expansion to try.

At some point today Lauren and I are going to head over to Fingers Furnature and look at couches that we don’t have money to buy. It should be fun. We really do want a new couch. We have one of those “someone elses old couch” kind of things going on and we’d actually like to have a real one in time for my family to come down. Have I mentioned that my family is coming down for Christmas. Yeah, they’re flying in Christmas day. Crazy huh? Apparently they wanted to get out of the snow for a little while. Our apartment my not be big, but we’re happy to have them come.

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on. Just day to day kind of things.

Oh, oh, and before I forget. This is sort of a delayed reaction but at the time I didn’t put two and two together. Nagle dropped me an email a little while ago and said that someone he met at a party had one of my photos on their desktop. That, I thought, was cool in and of itself, but then I realized that Nagle must have a link to my site up on his new project: OffBrand. Sure enough, there it is on the links page. So, I’m returning the favor and making sure everyone checks out Nagle’s kick ass new store. I myself (after I get paid on Friday) plan to order a limited edition shirt or perhaps have Nagle make me one of my own. Anyway, check it out: