A few odds and ends to mention. Most importantly, my belongings have shipped from New Hampshire and are somewhere mid-journey to Texas. They should arrive Monday or Tuesday. The new apartment is nice and now I’ll have things to put in it. Hurray. I’m not sure what they shipped, they just said “everything” and I believe them since the invoice they forwarded my says 1300lbs worth of freight.

Technically we “moved in” on Tuesday when I got the keys but I haven’t been back over there since. Tonight we’re supposed to move a few things over and then pretty much all weekend will be packing, moving, etc.

I also picked up Halo for the PC and almost made a scene at CompUSA when they tried to give me some crap about a rebate. I’ll mention that again later. It’s a nice game. I had gotten halfway through on Paul’s XBox and now I get to finish it with kick ass graphics. Actually, I should take that back. People have been having some driver issues with it and frankly, it’s not a pretty as it could be. They really half-assed the textures in this one. They upped the particle effects and the lighting but left the standard XBox textures in there. It’s playable on my new work machine with the Radeon 9800 Pro but not at home on Lauren’s computer or (once it gets here) on mine. It might be upgrade season. If Halo, which has only a few DirectX 9 enhancements, is having issues, Half Life 2 is going to be a nightmare. I want to be blown away by HL2, not discouraged because I can barely play it.

So, that means it might be time for a new mobo, cpu and graphics combo. I’m all of a sudden glad that I didn’t buy that $300 phone.

Ok, back to work for me, long day of retouching and then a shoot this afternoon. Afterwards I get to move some stuff. There’s no rest for the weary.

Oh, and I still need Chips tux messurements. *poke*