Well, after an absolutely insane weekend working double weddings, I was thankfully given the day off yesterday. Usually I have Sunday and Monday off but since I was working Sunday we took Tuesday off instead. That left me plenty of time to unpack things around the apartment. I actually is starting to look like someone lives there rather than “a bunch of Matt’s stuff”. To answer Mr. Marshalls last question, no, the shipment wasn’t insurred but thankfully I was able to fix most of what was broken and there wasn’t any significant computer damage. It didn’t turn out so bad. The graphics card/monitor problem somehow went away on it’s own with both of them working perfectly as of Monday. As for my photographs, most of the damage is to the edges of pictures, most of which can either be covered up by a matte or simply trimmed off. There were a few (dozen or so) CDs that didn’t make it which upset me a little but that was mostly due to the fact that they were packed on a spindle and not in a case. Other than that everything is fine. I set up both Lauren’s computer and my own and I’m planning on running network cable in the next day or two. I’m also going to call Road Runner today and see about a cable modem. Other than that I’ve spent two days cleaning, unpacking, moving and generally making my apartment a home. A few little maintenance issues, like the shower head sucking, but other than that it’s a great apartment

Last thing before I get back to work…


Seriously though, I need those measurements asap.

Matt out.