This entry could go on and on but I’ll try to keep it brief and stick to the bullet-points.

Hopefully no one has booked plane tickets for Friday yet (Jason and Nagle) because there’s been a slight twist. The rehearsal needs to be pushed up closer to 1-2pm because of scheduling conflicts with the minister. This simply moves the time table forward so dinner would be before 5.

Also, it just occured to me that you guys might not have a ride to the airport once Lauren and I leave. I’ll try to find you rides (my folks are staying in town for a day or two) but someone might consider renting a cheap car. Something to think about.

I move into the apartment this week. It will have no utilities because I can’t contact the electric company because their phone system is messed up. Yippee.

Still no word on where my stuff is. Matt’s getting angry.

Work is good, I have weddings every weekend until, well, my wedding. We just got a new monitor for me, a new graphics card for Paul and a new external DVD writer for both of us. It’s one of the nice Sony duel formats. Very slick.

I need Chip’s Dad’s mailing address. I have an invitation to mail him. Speaking of invitations, they went out earlier this week. You should have them shortly if not already.

I want a Tivo.

Half Life 2 is delayed. Not surprising. That sucks.

I also had some political things to ramble about, but The Screen Savers is on, so it’ll have to wait.

That is all.