I would like to make the following observations:

1) Fajita Hot Pockets suck… a lot.
2) Never ever call Lexar tech support. They are mindless cattle.
3) When the electric company voicemail system disconnects you because the wait is too long, there’s something wrong with that phone system.
4) Two button mice should have been outlawed years ago. You poor Mac bastards.
5) Playing Jedi Academy in 1600×1200 is a very good thing. If only the game didn’t blow.
6) Having lunch at 2:35 doesn’t really count as “lunch”, its more of a “linner” sort of thing.
6b) Working strait through lunch until 2:35 also sucks.

Those would be my observations from this morning. You can see what kind of a day I’m having. Well, except for Jedi, that was played yesterday.

In a random note, Paul was throwing out a perfectly good (define good) Compact Presario when I stopped him and said that I would take it. I’ll throw a few NIC cards in there and turn it into a SmoothWall, which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Should be a fun project for my new apartment.

Oh, and a big thanks to Chris, Jason and Nagle for getting their tux messurements down to me. Thanks guys. I’ll call those into the tux place today or tomorrow.