At least that’s what everyone would have you believe. If you’re a Perry that is. Apparently, the disorganization of my family (extended, not immediate) is finally getting to them in the form of travel arrangements for my wedding. There are some very simple facts that nearly all of them have over looked and/or forgotten to even ask me about. First, there are 2, count’em, 2 hotels in League City TX. One is a “suites” style hotel that is expensive. The other is a Super 8. No one wants to pay for the suites and alternatively, no one wants to stay at a Super 8. This has cause quite a panic. They wanted to get some group rate at a Hilton or Marriott when there simply isn’t one. This is a very small city, Milford sized. They should be happy there’s a Super 8. So, I’ve looked up several alternatives for them in hopes that one of them might be acceptable. The problem with those is that they’re too far away and they’ll require a map just to figure out where they are and where they’re going. One aunt wants to get a group rate somewhere. One uncle wants to stay IN Houston, which I’ve advised against already. The rest of’em are just plain disorganized and have no idea whats going on.

At least my parents are back on the path to organization. They’ve found a piece of land they like and are trying to figure out the logistics of putting a house on it. My mom also promises to be shipping all my belongings this week. That in itself is a huge joy and relief because on the 30th, I’m moving into my new apartment. I’ll actually have “stuff” to move. That also means I’ll have all the modern conveniences I’ve long needed. An alarm clock for instance. Chairs will be nice. As will my computer and the toaster. This also means I’ll be able to update regularly and start back in on personal projects I had going. A new website redesign for this journal, logos for Chip for the “Save the Hindenburg” café press store, etc. It also means I’ll have me blessed music collection back. Something I’ve missed dearly for far too long.

This should be a very stressful week though. Moving in, plus invitation shenanigans, wedding plans, hotel reservations, money (and lack there of), work. It’s going to be rough. This week we have to:
-finish addressing invitations and mail them
-have 3rd meeting with Steve, the preacher
-transfer electric for new apartment
-set up cable, water, etc
-get personal belongings moved from shipping receiving center to somewhere
-move in to the apartment
-finalize plans with DJ
-make hotel reservations for wedding night
-work all day, every day
and a whole host of things I’m sure I’m forgetting.

So. That’s my life. How’s yours?