I’ve been heavily debating getting one of the new T-mobile Sidekicks, AKA the Danger Hiptop. Reviews are very positive everywhere I look but there are some complaints people have had and some questions I have before I make an investment like that. I should also mention that at the moment I’m getting rid of my Sprint PCS phone because a) I don’t want to pay for two phones and b) the reception sucks here in Houston. That leaves me with the company phone. A nice, usable nokia 3390 with t-mobile service paid for by work. Usable as it may be, it simply isn’t equipped with enough features to get me through any span of time. Heck, the phone is 3+ years old.

The main advantages to the Sidekick would be:
– The company would likely cover the phone plan ($29.99 I think)
– I would only have to pay $20 a month for unlimited internet, email, etc.
– I could update my journal on the go, chat through AIM and text message as much as I wanted.
– It’s color, it has all the PDA features I use and is basically a BlackBerry on crack.

My concerns:
– Since our mail server uses a secure log-in, I probably couldn’t check my email… I’d have to set up a new account some place since I doubt we’d un-secure email just for me.
– The web browser doesn’t have Java support. Not like that a huge deal, it’s just a good thing to have.
– I’ve seen no information on either downloadable ringtones, programmable ringtones, downloadable games and/or content (pictures, icons, etc). If I’m going to pay that much for a new phone, it better have decent ringtones.
– The price tag ($300 from t-mobile on its own, but only $150 @ Amazon with a service contract)
– T-mobile service. I know for a fact that it works well here in metro Houston and surrounding areas. I also know it works well in places like Dallas and Lubbock. What I don’t know is how well it travels. The one advantage to my Sprint phone is that I never lost service traveling anywhere.
– Service plan mumbo-jumbo. I can save $150 on the phone is I sign up for my own service. If I do that then the special deal we have with all the office phones won’t work (we have a free phone-to-phone deal) and I’ll have to figure out a way to get work to cover the cost of the phone portion of the bill.

All the reviews I’ve read seem to suggest it’s the second-coming as far as phones are concerned. The only complaints people have are that the ringer is to soft (people can’t hear it in their pocket) and that its far too big to use without a handsfree set or other headset type setup. I’d have to “test drive” one before I’d be convinced either way. My main concerns are probably email compatibility and the service plan. If I could get those two straitened out then I’d be all for it. Hey, if the guys over at Penny-Arcade like it (or at least it’s little brother), that’s probably a good sign.